Distribution Management Software

Distribution Management Software

Retailgraph works as a complete solution for C&F and Distribution Management

C&Fs, Distributors, Wholesalers, and Stockist are part of the retail supply chain that acts as the agent between the manufacturer and retail outlets. They help in expanding the retail market, and are very crucial for any organization to grow. It is said that if you have an efficient Distribution management software in place you save a lot over cost and your operational efficiency improves.

RetailGraph works as complete software for C&F and distribution management which provides centralized control over the multi location C&F and distribution channel.

As a supply chain management software It helps you to work as -

1. Complete online mode:

It provides real time reporting, analytics and data to trust for faster decision making based on accurate information. Internet connectivity and Static IP is a must to have at all locations for real time information transfer.

2. Hybrid Mode (online-offline):

It allows you to work offline and data syncs with the Central database at a desired frequency of the day on the availability of Internet. It requires static IP at all locations for information transfer at the desired intervals.

The Distribution Software helps to maintain exact information on the purchases from the parent company (manufacturer) and the details of sales and supply of the material to the local C&Fs, Stockiest, and retailers etc. It helps you to identify best buyers and suppliers through detailed reports and analysis.

As a warehouse management system you can have more streamlined inventory control, Reorder planning, expiry, returns, replacement, barcoding reporting and also facilitates you to share SMS and emails.

The system also automates the quoting, ordering, and purchasing processes.

Challenges faced by in C&F and Distribution management

• Flow of information from different business locations to Central point (HO)
• Inaccurate and mismatched data from across business locations
• Time consuming tasks and variance in information and analytics leading to slower and ineffective decision making
• Tedious process to get reports or information
• Effective control over Inventory & cost
• Improving execution and coordination with suppliers, warehouse and customers
• Access to distributors & warehouse real time record of inventory and accounts
• Communication gap and information mismatch leading to loss
• How to avoid repetitive and data crunching activity
• Security and secrecy of information
• Sales representative wise incentive

Benefits of the C&F and Distribution management software solution:

• Single point communication to all Distributors across locations
• Instant availability of accurate information helps in faster decisions
• Complete inventory management with visibility on available stocks /expiry /slow moving items
• Overall & Distributor wise business analysis
• With ready to use software & quick implementation ,helps in enrolling new distributors
• Easy to use software with minimal training and low TCO
• Higher Visibility through live updates from each and every stores to HO
• distributor wise / Area Wise / Region wise analysis
• Single entry price updates for PAN India Locations
• Smooth day to day transactions and reporting
• Area wise tax management
• Export accounting data to Tally
• C&F wise / Area wise / User wise login and access to have security and secrecy of information.

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