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RetailGraph: A Complete Software for Departmental Store

Departmental stores, from small ones to large ones, have to face stiff competition to grow in the marketplace. While simple tasks can be accomplished without needing any sophisticated tool, there are various tasks that demand nothing but a feature-rich Software for Departmental Store to automate processes. RetailGraph is one such software that assists departmental store owners to automate their day-to-day activities without moving their focus from core target - growth.

RetailGraph Departmental Store Software is known to be powerful, featured, speed and ease-of-access. The software is capable of meeting your multi-channel merchandising requirements, saving your precious time, multiplying your sales & profits, improving margin and managing the stocks seamlessly. These are the features that have won us thousands of satisfied customers using this software for the goodness of their departmental stores.

Whether you own a single departmental store or a chain of departmental stores, RetailGraph works efficiently for you. It's a Grocery Software with a ready-to-use backend allowing you easily manage your categories, product classification, barcode generation facility, smart POS, faster checkout, inventory management, discount management, Retail billing and financial management.

Kirana Software also enables you to identify your best-performing products to make clever decisions. With a dedicated section for most demanded products, it allows you to invest your money and time in the right direction.

Benefits of RetailGraph Software for Departmental Shop :

Higher Customer Retention Rate:

With better services, easy product management, and faster checkout, your customers will love your departmental store. Customers using our Grocery Software have experienced significant growth in their customer retention rate after implementing the salient features of this software.

Remote Purchasing:

The software comes with a feature to place orders for the products about to go out-of-stock, which means, you need no one to make the purchases at your end.

Efficient Data Synchronization:

Our clients have recorded as much as a 50% reduction in their data management expenses after using RetailGraph, as this software is capable of managing your department store data very efficiently.

Improved Productivity & Revenue:

When you have someone by you to look after everything for you, it’s easy to focus upon your core task - the growth of your business. With RetailGraph, you derive higher productivity and higher revenue.

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