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Software for Electronics/Mobile Store

A Powerful Software for Electronics/Mobile Shops

Typically an electronics store or a mobile store is a large store comprising of gadgets and electronic items like Mobile, Fridge, TV, Music System, computers and more. The transactions may be less but are a high amount of transactions. Due to this, a Software for Electronics store that operates in accurate and efficient manner is must.

RetailGraph, as Electronic Store Software or mobile store software, keep track of sales, purchases, returns, sale commission (executive wise), replacements, inventories, accounts, Payments (cash, credit card, cheque) and receipts.

An electronics store and Mobiles store has to deal with high-value items that need attention and must be handled efficiently. Any damage/loss could be particularly awkward for staff. The Software for Mobile Store can help reduce the chances of losses by tracking inventory efficiently.

Cutting operation costs without affecting the performance is what all you need from your software for electronics stores, and RetailGraph meets this requirement quite effectively. Whether you are a small electronic store or a multi-channel store chain, the software is capable of handling the burden for you. Starting from managing your inventory to tracking the orders, providing product information, billing & checkouts and post-sales support, the software does everything for you.

Listen to your Customers:

Your customers are the most important element in your business, and ensuring their satisfaction is your top priority. With RetailGraph, you gain access to a solution placing your customers at the top of your priority list and provide them with a memorable shopping experience.

Quick Search and Checkouts:

Enabled with mobile search and checkouts, the software makes your business efficient, flexible and profitable. With this Electronic Store Software, your salesperson use the mobile POS device to showcase the product information and provide your customers with highly personalized service.

No Warranty Receipt? No Worries:

The smart inventory management system allows your staff to track serial numbers of your electronic products, simplifying the return and warranty lookups. The software also allows you to track products using barcodes, product description or other identifiers.

Efficient Inventory Management:

Keep an eye on your inventory in real-time and get comprehensive sales-data analysis to remain informed about your inventory stock. The software for mobile store also enables you to automate your purchase cycle via smart notifications and automated purchasing orders.

Win Customer Loyalty:

With a comprehensive record of your customers’ purchase history, the software provides personalized recommendations for your valued customers, making them feel more comfortable while shopping. This increases your customer loyalty and retention rate.

Want to know how RetailGraph do magic for your electronics/mobile store? Book a Demo now and check out the salient features it has to offer.

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