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RetailGraph : India’s Favourite Grocery Store Software

RetailGraph an Ideal Software for Grocery Shops

Increase Customer Retention, Sales & Manage Store Process and Profits

Easy Implementation for Billing Process and Inventory Management

Easy to Manage GST Billing & Filing

Efficient Inventory and Stock Management

Plan Marketing & Promotions Strategies

Facility to Print Own Labels

Detailed Analysis Reports - Sales, Purchase, MIS Report and More

Automates POS processes & Store Operations

Effective Centralized Control over Retail & Distribution Channel

Gives Endless Ways to Boosts Business

Provide Software Customization as per Business Needs


Grocery Store Management Software With Easy Billing & Increase Profits.

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RetailGraph is a powerful software package that helps you take your grocery business to the next level. Grocery software makes stock/inventory management easier and minimizes losses due to expire and dump stocks. RetailGraph has robust POS systems that allow you to manage all your business processes effortlessly. RetailGraph provides a real-time overview of pricing, inventory management, out-of-stock scenarios, sales and vendor performance, expiration, and return and wastage management modules. In addition, CRM tools ensure promotions and loyalty management. Do not hesitate to contact us for a 45-day free trial of grocery POS software.

RetailGraph Features


Uses the FIFO concept to generate invoices. Easily manages pricing across various branded stores.


Encourages Fast Billing, Promotes Real-Time Data and Up-to-Date Information on Product Tracking.


With Purchase management module, easily customize purchase support for your customers.


Easily save inventory, time, and resources by automatic filling of standard stock & maximizing revenue.


Distributes product information through the POS interface thus, it empowers your sales and provides excellent customer service.


Automates and Manages Store workflows, Orders, and Synchronize Inventory across Multiple Sales Channels.


Transacts in GST portal and files returns directly from the software.


Allows importing purchase from any excel or CSV format to save your time with 100% accuracy.


Generates effective reports of sales, purchase, inventory & accounting with the newest technology.


Keeps track of expiry date and timely return to the supplier before the product expires.


Optimizes your bill design format in both GUI and DMP.


Easy to use for a businessman who does not have enough knowledge of computer systems.


360- degree Customer Profiling with Customer Dashboard & Wishlist, Loyalty Management & Rewards, Coupon Code & Discount Features.


SMS integration will help you send SMS to your customers, informing them of new discounts, offers and sales bonanza.


Powerful backup facility and related utilities are available so that there is no loss of data and Related Inconvenience.

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RetailGraph software
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Single User

ALL Inbuilt Features*

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Know Benefits of RetailGraph - Reason to Choose

RetailGraph software benefits

Access, Analyze & Reporting across the Chain

Low Operating Cost through best suppliers

Plan Marketing & Promotion Strategies

Fast, efficient & personalized services to customers

Effective control Over Pilferage

Effective centralized control @HO

Protect your investment with rich support & maintenance offer.

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A grocery concept is an innovative idea that serves customers with food items and non-food products such as clothing and household items. Whether you are the owner of the small or big grocery store, you need to show up a considerable responsibility for managing your grocery store successfully. In the grocery business, customers have high expectations from the grocery store. They want value for money and sales efficiency. Thus, it is necessary to have an efficient software solution that efficiently manages your daily tasks. Mainly grocery stores have an intricate structure. So, to avoid loss of sales, an accurate inventory of short selling items and fast-selling items is required. The SWIL grocery software solution has features that give you a unique way to run your grocery business smartly.

As a solution for the best software for the grocery business, SWIL developed RetailGraph grocery Software. This software allows you to bar-coding your products in defined formats as well as to meet unique retail requirements. It is a powerful software package that automates POS processes and store operations. With the software, you can scan and print multiple barcodes. Also, it handles the expiry management with alerts to prevent loss. It lets you update about stock/purchase/sell data with minimal resource occupancy. You can import as well as export data in any format that will reduce your manual work. In short, if you are going to start a grocery business or are already in the grocery business, then RetailGraph is the complete solution for you.

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