SWIL is Celebrating 26 Years of Continues Growth

The achievements of an organization are the result of the combined efforts of each individual.

– Vincent Lombardi (A famous football coach)

It is a well-known fact that organizational success is attained only by the combined efforts of leaders, managers, and employees. This is also true for us.

We are very excited to announce that we are celebrating the 26th year of the anniversary of SWIL. It is a milestone in its way. 26 years, is possible only because of our thousands of customers worldwide who trust us; Who has allowed us to help them run their retail, wholesale, and pharmaceutical businesses. We accepted the challenges and always came up with a solution that took his business a step further.

As a SWIL team, we believe that our entire journey is based on achieving the same results that are based on time and which customers demand. It is said that if you have identified the needs and demands of the customers, know how to serve them in the best way, then your success is confirmed. We have a team of proficient and experienced employees who give their best service to the customers. In this way, they ensure the success of SWIL.

It was the 24th of May, 1994, SWIL’s Managing Director Mr. M. L. Gupta started an emerging company in the field of software solutions for the healthcare, retail, and distribution segment, in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India, with a handful of employees. Since then we expanded to accompany 80+ employees with dealers across India.

How Do We Serve Our Customers?

The SWIL team has expertise in developing industry-specific software solutions. These software solutions can easily integrate with popular ordering apps offered by other companies in the retail and pharmaceutical business.

We touched every milestone with great patience, which we have made for ourselves, keeping in mind the needs of today. Even in this COVID-19 outbreak, we understand the importance of social distance. Being in the retail market, we know the importance of ordering and delivering goods. Thus, we started providing our B2B and B2C mobile apps available to our valued customers. It is our participation in the world to support social distance in the COVID-19 epidemic, which better performs delivery orders and reduces bilateral contact.

RetailGraph B2C Order APP

So far, what we have received is customer satisfaction. We have a series of achievements that have connected us with 30000+ customers.

We admit that we are because of our customers. It is their belief in us that always inspires us to do something new. We have already made many great relationships, and we look forward to making it even more potent.

Ready for what’s next

Expand the software functionality & make software available on the browser. Specially designed to facilitate distributors to take orders from their retail customers anytime, anywhere.

SWIL Team Always Ready to Serve


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