Obsolescence Policy

Softworld (India) Pvt. Ltd. Obsolescence Policy is to support the current versions and, in most cases, two prior versions of a product. Product support is available through email/courier/phone/personal visit on payment of Annual Maintenance Charges.

Softworld (India) Pvt. Ltd. is currently providing support for following products only:

• Unisolve (Software Solution for Wholesalers & Distributors): Versions- US 12.1 (Apr 12)/US 12.2(Jan 13)/US 13.1(Aug 13)

• Cross (Software Solution for Retail Chemist Shops): Versions- CS 12.1(Apr 12)/CS 12.2(Jan 13)/CS 13.1(Aug 13)

• RetailGraph (Software Solution for Retail Stores & Chain) : Version – 2.01 (Apr 12)/2.4 (Mar 13)/2.5 (Aug 13)