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RetailGraph : India's Favorite Pharma Software for Wholesale & Distribution

RetailGraph an Industry Specified Software for Pharmaceutical

Enhance Your Market Reach, Increase Customer Retention, Sales & Manage Store Process

Easy Implementation for billing Process

Smartly handles Inventory

Ensure about no expiry products

Easily process GST Billing & Filing

Automate business workflow as per business need

Effective Centralized Control over Wholesale & Distribution Channel

Gives endless ways to maximize revenue

Automates billing and Store Operations through the POS system

Integrated with the Most Popular Apps

Facilitate customized solution as per need


Pharma Management Software With Easy Billing & Increase Profits.

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RetailGraph comes with a comprehensive solution to automate the business processes involved in the pharmaceutical business. It is software for stockists, wholesalers, and distributors that give them complete control over inventory and ensure high profits in your business. RetailGraph Pharmaceutical Software is a proven market leader in the provision of quality and seamlessly manages the flow of ordering, warehousing, inventory, and billing of the wholesale business. The software comes with intelligent and extensive features such as pricing, multiple payment options, inventory management, out-of-stock scenarios, real-time overview of sales and vendors’ performance, expiration & returns management modules. Also, it enables you to track the sale/purchase of drugs and provides reminders to minimize losses due to expiration and dump the stock. Get a demo for this pharmaceutical software or 45-day free trials to reduce confusion.

RetailGraph Features


Manages Price, Generate Bill, Get Customization Bill Format, Export in PDF, Word & Excel.


Manage Product Information with Barcode. It makes simple for drug billing & tracking for Store in-Charge.


With Purchase management module, easily customize purchase support for your customers.


Easily save inventory, time, and resources by automatic filling of standard stock & maximizing revenue


Distributes Product Information through the POS interface. Empowers Sales and Provides Excellent Customer Service.


Automates & Manages Store workflows, Orders, and Synchronize Inventory across Multiple Sales Channels.


Help in GST Returns Uploading, Auto Error Checking, Bulk E-Way Bill Generate & Direct Upload on Server.


Generates import purchasing reports from any excel or CSV format to save your time with 100% accuracy.


Generates effective reports of sales, purchase, inventory & accounting with the newest technology


Suggest Right Drug to Customers & Supervise to track Drug Expiry that Enhance Profits.


Optimizes your bill design format in both GUI and DMP.


Business assists with impressive features - Flexibility, self-customization options, and time to time innovation & advancements.


360- degree Customer Profiling with Customer Dashboard & Wishlist, Loyalty Management & Rewards, Coupon Code & Discount Features.


SMS integration will help you send SMS to your customers, informing them of new discounts, offers and sales bonanza.


Powerful backup facility and related utilities are available so that there is no loss of data and Related Inconvenience.

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RetailGraph software
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GST Addition


Single User

ALL Inbuilt Features*

Single Billing Location

Unlimited Godown Location

Online Support*

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Know Benefits of RetailGraph - Reason to Choose

RetailGraph software benefits

Access, Analyze & Reporting across the Chain

Low Operating Cost through best suppliers

Plan Marketing & Promotion Strategies

Fast, efficient & personalized services to customers

Effective control Over Pilferage

Effective centralized control @HO

Protect your investment with rich support & maintenance offer.

Learn How RetailGraph Software Works?

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Reason to Select RetailGraph Pharma Software and How It Increase Your 100% Sale

The pharmaceutical company is a business that deals with research & development of drugs as well as the distribution of the drugs in the right marketplace. The pharmaceutical is the only business that usually engages people on a daily basis. Thus, in the field of the pharmaceutical business, a proactive approach is required to identify demand, errors, and its solutions. Therefore, it is necessary to have a software solution that manages your pharma business proactively without any human errors. SWIL pharmaceutical business software solutions have features that give you a unique way to run your pharma company.

As a solution, SWIL has developed RetailGraph, well-designed software that meets the requirement of any pharma distribution and grows market reach. RetailGraph is a complete pharma point of sale system package that efficiently handles billing, GST filing, inventory management, expiry management, and reorder management with free information of restricted or non-restricted drugs.

The software gives you centralized control for multi-store pharmacies and supports API integration to connect to other popular applications. This lets you update (via alerts) about stock/buy/sell data with minimal resource occupancy. In short, if you are in the field of pharmaceutical distribution and management and want a paramount software solution for your business, RetailGraph is the complete solution for you.

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